As your community management company, we handle all accounting tasks related to the condominium or HOA association. From collection of HOA fees and CC&R violation fines to payment of vendors to report preparation, we do it all. Below, you’ll find a list of the financial tasks your personal HOA management team can perform. If you have any questions about these services, make sure to reach out to the friendly team at 360 Community Management today!

Accounting Services Offered:

  • Collection of assessments and other income that is due to the community
  • Maintains, coordinates, and prepares tax filings and state corporations commission filings
  • Prepares information for year-end compilation reports
  • Maintains association checking and reserve accounts
  • Pays all vendor invoices, insurance premiums, utilities, and any other A/P bills due
  • Maintains homeowner payment outlets such as bank websites, lockbox files, and Paylease
  • Prepares monthly financial reports including vendor paid invoices if required
  • Posts and monitors any late charges, special assessments, CC&R fines when CC&R policies allow
  • Works with board and homeowners on any concerns or questions they have regarding accounting explanation or concerns

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