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Learn What 360 Community Management Can Do For You

360 Community Management is thrilled to be your HOA management company serving the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area in our beautiful state of Arizona. As a community management company, we proudly provide our services to both single home communities as well as condominium communities.

As our name suggests, we manage communities. But what exactly does that entail? Below, we will discuss some of our main duties as your community management company. We perform similar services for both homes and condos, though there may be some slight differences. As you read through our services, feel free to reach out to us for a community management proposal so that your HOA can experience the benefits of being professionally managed.

Our Community Management Services

Administrative Tasks

Administration is one of the most important areas of service we offer, as this is the foundation of keeping an HOA organized, compliant, and running smoothly. Our administrative tasks range from maintaining an accurate database of homeowners or renters and keeping a record of all important paperwork and filings. We also keep a 24/7 emergency phone line available for members to call for off-hours maintenance issues. We can research and coordinate bids for third-party vendors for large maintenance tasks or events, mail out ballots, meeting reminders, and other important statements, and of course, keep the board up to date on the latest legislature.

Accounting Duties

HOAs need money to perform their duties, which is why members pay a fee. However, if the HOA cannot manage the money well, they will soon be left with unhappy homeowners wondering where the budget went. As your community management company, we will handle all accounting needs regarding the HOA. This includes collecting assets, paying invoices for community services, preparing year-end reports regarding the budget, filing taxes relating to the HOA, and maintaining the HOA accounts. We will also work with homeowners or renters to address missing payments and fees, enforce late payment charges, and collect fines for CC&R violations.

Collection Responsibilities

The last thing you want is to ruin your relationship with your neighbors by hounding them for payments and fees. Thankfully, we will handle that awkward situation for you. If members of the HOA are refusing to pay or are frequently late with their payments, we will handle all collection issues for the community so board members can keep their hands clean, so to speak. We keep detailed collections reports so we know exactly who owes what to the community and we can even handle small-claims for past-due assessments, saving the community money in the long-run.

Resale And Disclosure Obligations

When potential homeowners are looking to move into the community, they must be informed about the HOA policies, price, and other important community information. Some people have very strong feelings about HOAs, and disclosing this information ensures they fully understand the role that the HOA will play in their community as well as their responsibilities as a member. We ensure that new members have all of the information they need to be a successful and compliant member of the HOA.

Community Website And Electronic Filing

Having an updated community website is a great way to ensure all members of the community know where they can go for important information. As your community management company, we will keep your community’s website updated with the latest news and events, as well as keep important documents easily accessible to members. Members will be able to pay their dues on the website for convenience. Board members will be able to access financial information about the HOA, as well as meeting minutes and other vital information.

In addition, we will also keep electronic files of all correspondence between the HOA and homeowners, as well as other important documents and paperwork that may need to be accessed later.

Maintenance Services

This is the main service that members of the community notice and is what HOAs are most known for. Our team will perform landscaping services to keep the neighborhood looking great, inspect the community weekly for issues or violations, ensure homeowners are keeping their properties in line with community guidelines, and enforce any CC&R violations for non-compliant members. We can also supervise outside vendors and handle any architectural requests to ensure everything is within the strict guidelines.

Learn More About How We Can Help Your Community Thrive

Many communities with HOAs experience tension between members and the board because of little issues that can easily be taken care of with the help of a professional team. Our goal is to keep harmony in the community by handling all of the nitty-gritty tasks that often arise. All of our services are designed to provide a well-rounded approach to managing the community by keeping everything running smoothly and handling problems as they occur.

If your community is in need of a management team so you can experience all of the major benefits of a well-oiled HOA, then give us a call. We would love to serve as your Phoenix community management team.

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