Every homeowner association is assigned an HOA management team to provide greater attention to the association and its communication needs. The greatest benefit to our team is you — the members and board members of an association. We listen to you and assist in the effort to obtain your goals: providing a safe, clean, healthy environment that you, your families, and fellow homeowners can enjoy. As your HOA management company, we offer the following services:


  • Maintenance of accurate Homeowner Database
  • 24/7 emergency phone number for emergencies
  • Coordinate bids for any 3rd party vendors
  • Maintenance of accurate Renters Database in your community
  • Expedite Mailings of Statements, CC&R violations, newsletters, ballots, meeting reminders, and any other documents that your association requests
  • Managers will attend and coordinate all meetings and annual meetings
  • Educate the board regarding the changing HOA legislation
  • Maintain an accurate record of all association corporate records and filings


  • Collection of assessments and other income that is due to the community
  • Maintains, coordinates, and prepares tax filings and state corporations commission filings.
  • Prepares information for year-end compilation reports
  • Maintains association checking and reserve accounts
  • Pays all vendor invoices, insurance premiums, utilities, and any other A/P bills due
  • Maintains homeowner payment outlets such as bank websites, lockbox files, and Paylease
  • Prepares monthly financial reports including vendor paid invoices if required
  • Posts and monitors any late charges, special assessments, CC&R fines when CC&R policies allow
  • Works with board and homeowners on any concerns or questions they have regarding accounting explanation or concerns


  • In-house collection team providing full-service collections
  • In-1house small claims and garnishments are an extremely cost effective way to collect on past-due assessments
  • Custom payment plan options for homeowners
  • Detailed collection reports
  • Currently, 360 Community Management has a 110% collection rate

Resale and Disclosure:

  • Informs potential buyers and new homeowners of important community information per the Arizona Revised Statutes
  • Works with selling team, Title Company, and buying team to ensure a swift and smooth transaction
  • Distributes important documents to new homeowners that includes but is not limited to the CC&R’s, a Welcome Package, any current forms required by HOA, current policies in effect, and what to expect as a new homeowner.
  • Distributes a disclosure package not limited to CC&R’s, financial statements and any current HOA policies to potential/prospective homebuyers in escrow.

Community Website/Electronic Files:

  • Homeowners and board members have access to accounts to pay dues, download needed forms, and view community documents on the community website
  • We are able to store all HOA files electronically for organized and quick access
  • Community Website posts events in the neighborhood such as meetings and park events
  • Website allows homeowners to respond to CC&R violation letters, request forms, and documents
  • Board members can access financials, meeting minutes, information, and any other documents requested
  • All correspondence sent to the homeowner is kept on file.

Maintenance Services:

  • In-house landscaping service available
  • In-house maintenance and pool services are available
  • Property Manager supervises any outside vendors to ensure they are within out strict guidelines
  • Property Manager will obtain bids for outside vendors to make sure we are getting the most competitive rates for your community without jeopardizing community needs
  • Enforcement of CC&R violations within the community
  • Weekly on-site inspections of community
  • Handling of insurance claims, and architectural requests
  • Enforces any self-help to homeowners that are not on site or properties that are neglected

If you are interested in using our Greater Phoenix HOA management services, get in touch today!