Rental Property Information

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You will need to complete and return the form indicating if you are leasing your property. This information form needs to be completed on every lot within the Association that you lease and each time a new lease is signed, whether or not the tenant changes. If it is not a rental property please indicate in the space below and return to our office.
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Per the Association’s Rules and Regulations, each Owner that becomes a Landlord is responsible to complete this form and keep all of the tenants contact information current with the Association, as well as the following:
o Inform prospective Tenants that they are moving into a property with rules and regulations.
o Supply copies of said documents to Tenants
Have you advised of and provided a copy of the Association’s Rules and Regulations to your tenants? Yes*

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Note: If Month to Month status changes with a lease with the same tenant, or a new tenant leases your property, you will need to notify us within 15 Business days of that status change date.
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