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The Pros And Cons Of HOAs

Some people have very strong feelings about homeowners associations (HOAs), others couldn’t care less either way. Whichever category you fall into, there are some definite pros and cons of living in an HOA community. Many of the cons can be negated and the pros can be enhanced by ensuring your HOA is well-managed. Because HOA board members are almost always volunteers, is it a good idea to seek out professional HOA management if you want to really benefit on the good parts of an HOA and limit the bad parts.

Below, your Phoenix HOA management company is offering four good things about HOAs and three factors that might not be so good. If your HOA is experiencing more cons than pros, make sure to get in touch for more information on how 360 Community Management can help your HOA succeed.

Pros And Cons Of Homeowners Associations

Pro: No Hard Feelings

One of the biggest benefits of an HOA is that they can handle disputes between yourself and a neighbor. Of course, if you’re a board member who lives in that community, you might find yourself being “the bad guy.” If you are uncomfortable with this role, hiring an HOA management company in Phoenix can offer an alternative third-party to mediate issues so you can keep your hands clean, so to speak.

Con: Prices May Vary

In some neighborhoods, an HOA fee may be upwards of $1,000 a month. Others might total $100 a year. When you move into an HOA community, make sure you know how much the monthly fees are and factor that into your household’s monthly budget. If you buy a home with a $2000 per month mortgage, you might find yourself underwater if you have to pay huge HOA fees on top of that.

Pro: Keep The Value Of The Neighborhood

It’s a universal fact that a neighborhood with impeccably maintained homes spanning the length of the block will be more desirable than a similar neighborhood that has homes with overgrown lawns, broken down cars, ugly paint jobs, and the like. HOA rules and regulations may seem strict, but when you consider that your home, and all of your neighbors’ homes, are going to keep looking great for years to come, it’s certainly worth it — especially when it comes time to sell your home.

Con: There Are Some Restrictions

Want to show off your personality and paint your home (that you have worked so hard to own) purple? Want to keep that new RV parked in your driveway so you don’t have to pay for storage? Depending on your HOA, that might be against the rules. HOAs come with restrictions which, ultimately, keep the value of the neighborhood as we discussed above.

Even though you own your property, you still cannot do anything you want to it if you are in an HOA community.

Pro: You Have More Amenities In Your Neighborhood

Most neighborhoods that have amazing parks, community pools, tennis courts, and more have them because they are part of an HOA. A well-run HOA is more likely to be able to provide and maintain these amenities, so choosing an experienced HOA management company to be in charge of things is essential to reaping the benefits of HOAs.

Con: There Might Be Intense Board Members

Intense might not be the best word. Try… overbearing dictator? If your HOA elects the wrong board member, you might find yourself with someone who truly only cares about his or her own agenda and doesn’t listen to the needs of the neighborhood. They might impulsively enforce ultra-strict rules, spend the entire budget installing unnecessary speed bumps, or hold grudges against homeowners. If this is happening, it might be time to hire a community management company like ours. That way, the people managing the HOA aren’t instilling their own personal opinions in the decision-making process and can ensure that decisions are made on a democratic basis.

Pro: Common Areas Are Upkept

When sidewalks are looking great, potholes are fixed in a timely manner, trash in the park is picked up, and the local pool is kept clean, the neighborhood becomes a place you love to be. An HOA will hire the necessary contractors to maintain all of the common areas so they are in great shape when you want to use them.

Hire An HOA Management Company In Phoenix Today

If your community HOA is having trouble bringing the neighborhood together, managing the budget, enforcing rules and regulations, or any of the other issues that an HOA might face, you could benefit from a professional community management company like ours. As your HOA management company, we will handle all administrative tasks, accounting and collections, emergency maintenance, disclosure for new residents, maintain the community website, run meetings, and much more.

Reach out today to learn more and decide if our HOA management team is the right choice for your neighborhood.

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