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Unexpected Benefits Of Hiring An HOA Management Company

Homeowners associations play a key role in communities. They have many benefits, including keeping the value of the neighborhood high, maintaining common areas, and ensuring that nobody is “that neighbor” with a polka-dot house that blasts loud music 24 hours a day.

HOAs are usually run by a board of volunteers. These are people who are committed to making sure the neighborhood looks great and that all homeowners abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the HOA. However, board members often have other jobs or family duties that keep them busy. And while board members are often well-meaning, they might be lacking the skills needed to really help the HOA thrive. This includes everything from accounting and budgeting to keeping the community website updated and negotiating with contractors to get the best price on maintenance services.

When that happens, a homeowners association management company can step in and make sure everything is running smoothly. In fact, hiring an HOA management team has several benefits that you might not even expect! Check them out below, and make sure to get in touch with 360 Community Management if you are in need of an HOA management team in Phoenix, Arizona.

Unexpected Benefits Of Working With An HOA Management Company

Meetings Will Be Kept Short And Orderly

Have you been to an HOA meeting where everyone talked over each other? Maybe there was no agenda and you left feeling as if you wasted your time? Maybe it ran an hour over? With an HOA management company, we can oversee meetings, set an agenda, and ensure the meeting is a good use of the community’s time. The more effective the meetings are, the more likely it is that members will continually show up. This larger representation will help the board members understand the desires of the community.

Meeting Minutes

Is your board bombarded with questions from homeowners about what happened in the meeting they skipped? As your HOA community management team, we will update the community website with minutes after each meeting or event that occurs in the neighborhood. This means everyone can stay informed even if they cannot attend the meetings and there is an official record of what occurs at each meeting.

Save Money

While it may seem like hiring an entity to run your HOA will cost more money, it can actually save the HOA money in the end. This is due to several reasons. First, we have an excellent collections rate. In general, members are more likely to pay their dues if they are going to an experienced management company rather than a board of volunteers. Additionally, because this is our full-time job and we have regular community inspections, we can enforce CC&Rs and collect fines as needed, rather than letting issues slip under the radar. We also handle all accounting and budgeting for the community, and manage the community’s reserve fund. Finally, when work needs to be done, we always fight for the best bid from contractors. All of these little things add up to creating a larger financial reserve for the HOA.

Less Drama

HOAs can have a surprising amount of drama. That’s because often the person enforcing the rules and regulations of the HOA is your own neighbor! How dare Samantha request that you move your RV that has been parked in front of your home for two months! An HOA management company is a business chosen by the HOA to run things. If Frank holds a grudge against us for enforcing the rules that he agreed to, that’s fine. We don’t have to live next door to him. Having an outside party manage your community ensures that there are no HOA-related hard feelings between neighbors. It also eliminates any alleged “favoritism” if a board isn’t holding all members to the same standards.

Keep It Consistent

In regard to the above, hiring an outside management company to run your HOA just helps to keep everything consistent so there will be no surprises or finger-pointing. You can always expect the community areas to be in great shape, with regular inspections we can quickly enforce CC&Rs, and you can depend on all members being held to equal standards. We can also create fair payment plans if a member is in financial distress that ensures they are still pulling their weight in the community without making them lose their home over it.

Experts Of The Industry

HOA board members wear a lot of hats. They are accountants, treasurers, administrators, maintenance managers, rule enforces, website developers, negotiators, collections agents, and so much more. An HOA management team has the collective skills needed to wear all of those hats. They ensure that nothing falls through the cracks because managing your HOA is their full-time job and they are experts at it.

See How An HOA Management Company Can Benefit You!

If your HOA would love to experience some of the benefits listed above, it might be time to consider hiring a Phoenix HOA property manager to help run the homeowners association. Not only will this help the neighborhood reap the most benefits of being part of a community association, but it could also take a lot of stress off of the board members!

Reach out to 360 Community Management today to discuss how we can help your neighborhood run smoothly with an HOA management team. We serve all of the Greater Phoenix area and would love to work with your community.

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